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World, Contemporary Instrumental, Celtic, Ambient, Electronic, Country, Rock, Vocal, Smooth Jazz, Space, Meditative, New Age

2002 Chrysalis Real Music New Age +
2002 Land Of Forever Real Music New Age +
Agnus Dei Merlyn Indigo Music New Age +
Agnus Dei Lemuria Indigo Music New Age +
Alexi The Mystery Mazzeroth Instrum. +
All India Radio Permanent Evolutions All India Radio Electronica +
Allen Tammy Wonderful to Be Be Records Jazz +
Altered Natives Altered Natives Mastermind Smooth Jazz +
Amarosa Amarosa Amarosa Latin/World +
Amarosa Amarosa Amarosa Latin/World +
Amos Richard Dancing in the Desert Exhibit Music New Age +
Amos Richard Tears and Joy Exhibit Music New Age +
Amos Richard Breathe... Richard Amos New Age +
Anael Unconditional Apsis New Age +
Anael Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey Apsis New Age +
Ancient Future Planet Passion Ancient Future World +
Arsenault Shan The Jazz Beat Sessions Canadian Broadcasting Jazz +
Asbjornson Kevin Collage Piano One New Age +
Ashby Mark Dance Of Shadows (soundtrack) Horizon Music Instrum. +
Asher James Feet In The Soil 2 New Earth New Age +
Asher James Tigers of the Remix New Earth New Age +
Asher James Dance of the Light / River of Life (2CD) Spring Hill New Age +
Asher James / Doherty Madeleine Colours of Trance New Earth New Age +
Aubrey Honey & The Shame DeafCat Music Pop/Rock +
Austere Convergence Austere Ambient +
Autorickshaw Four Higher Tala-Wallah World +
Azoghn Not Like This Westblake Prod. R&B, Soul +
Bahram & Bashir Sama Nazca Music World +
Baiwir Luc Symphonie des Ages RCP New Age +
Baiwir Luc Live RCP New Age +
Baiwir Luc From Beyond (2CD) Westland Music New Age +
Baiwir Luc, Depetris Philippe, Viatour Franciose Et des tenebres naquit la lumiere RCP New Age +
Baker Brian Prague Radio A Tractor Prod. Adult Cont. +
Beamer Keola Kolonahe From The Gentle Wind Dancing Cat New Age +
Bell Michael C. In the Stillness Michael C. Bell New Age +
Bessette Alicia Reservoir (solo piano) Wachusett Rec. New Age +
Bisantz-Evans June Lets Fall In Love J.Bizantz-Evans Jazz +
Blanchard Ken World In Motion ZeroGravity New Age +
Bleeding Like Mine Never Again Will I Dream... Palace of worms Gothic +
Bogaert Frank Van Docking Groove Unlimit. Electronic +
Bohuslav Martinu Quartet & Electric Symphony Soloists Music of James Forte James Forte Classical +
Bone Richard Coxa Quirkworks New Age +
Bone Richard Tales from the Incantina Indium Ambient +
Bone Richard Distillation Halcyon New Age +
Bone Richard The Reality Temples Spiralight Rec. New Age +
Bone Richard Saiyuji Quirkworks New Age +
Bonk Jamie A Perfect Tomorrow Bonk Prod. Guitar +
Bostick Juewett Its Not So Easy Juewett Bostick R&B, Soul +
Bottomley Chris Cerebral Lubrication (2CD) Partly Bent Rec. Jazz +
Bottomley Chris Knotty Bits Partly Bent Rec. Jazz +
Brickman Jim Destiny Windham Hill Instrum. +
Brindle It Takes An Army Brindle Pop/Rock +
Bruce Robert Bound for the Tenderness of Eden Robert Bruce New Age +
Bryan Marc Beautiful Sunrise B.M.B. Music Pop/Rock +
Bryson Peabo Unconditional Love Private Music Pop +
Buchbinder David Shurum Burum Jazz Circus Monkfish Rec. Jazz +
Bulgarian National Philarmonic Choir And the Day After I Die James Forte Classical +
Busboom Peter The Beginning Peter Busboom New Age +
CatDesigners Strange Little Creature Googlie Mooglie Rec. Pop/Rock +
Celtic Christmas A Peace On Earth. A Windham Hill Collection Windham Hill New Age +
Celtic Dance Forever Green Earthtone New Age +Ceredwen OR Mabinogi Legends Of The Celts Real Music New Age +
Charles Lafayette The Merry-Go-Round of Life Muse-La Music Easy List., R&B, Smooth Jazz +
Chernicoff Larry October Windy Planet Jazz +
Chilco Zoe Up the Highway (2CD) Zoe Chilco Jazz, Blues +
Choi Noella Restless Noella Choi Adult Cont. +
Ciani Suzanne Turning Seventh Wave New Age +
Ciani Suzanne The Velocity of Love Seventh Wave New Age +
Ciani Suzanne Seven Waves Seventh Wave New Age +
Ciani Suzanne Pianissimo III Musica Int. New Age +
Ciani Suzanne Dream Suite Seventh Wave New Age +
Ciani Suzanne &The Wave Live! Seventh Wave New Age +
Clark Gary Piano Gary Clark Piano +
Crumb/Patterson/Gamer Harmony for a New World Innova New Classical +
Cusco Ancient Journeys Higher Octave New Age +
Dark Swing Orchestra In the Swing of Christmas Studio K Jazz +
Davis Ken Crystal Clear Ken Davis New Age +
Davol Open Book Gira Sound New Age +
Delago Didge Does World BSC Music World +
Delarue Frederic Voyage of the Soul Fr. Delarue New Age +
Diane Marino Quartet The A Sleepin Bee M&M Records Jazz, Latin +
Distance The The Mirror Shattered Horizon Music Instrum. +
Dontwalk Talk to the Hand Dan Marshall Electronica +
Doucet & Miraz Resonance Only New Age Music, Inc. New Age +
Duc Catherine Visions and Dreams Catherine Duc New Age +
Dulin Michael Atmospheres Equity Digital New Age +
Dust Of The Ages Best of New Age & World Music Abh&Arp New Age +
Dwane Mark The Atlantis Factor Trondant New Age +
Eaton Jeff Wish You Were Here Jeff Eaton Pop/Rock +
Edge William Journey to the Edge 76 Lightyears Sounds Blue Music Space +
Egilsson Arni Bassically Yours Arnaeus Music Classical +
Electric Symphony Through the Mist James Forte Electronic +
Elkinson Ken Reverly Ken Elkinson New Age +
Ella Blame Ineffable Desire Ella Blame Psych. pop +
Ensemble Giverny Waterlilies Moonbridge New Age +
Evenson Dean Healing Sanctuary Soundings New Age +
Evenson Dean Ascension to Tibet Soundings New Age +
Evenson Dean & Huckabay Scott Mountain Meadow Meditation Soundings New Age +
Fabian Christian Across the Tracks Consolidated Artists Prod. Jazz +
Fineman Alisa Closing the Distance Cup of Kindness World +
Folk Scat Folk Scat Music of the World World +
Freddy Things You Never Thought Id Say 7 Arts Entertainment Pop +
Future Native The Politics of Love Future Native Pop/Rock +
Gandalf Between Earth and Sky Real Music New Age +
Gandalf Sacred River Real Music New Age +
Gerry Dryden Band The It Shone Like Gold Gerry Dryden Blues, Country +
Gleisberg Rudiger Fragile Fairytales BSC Music Ambient +
Gleisberg Rudiger Damiana BSC Music Ambient +
Gleisberg Rudiger Elysium BSC Music Ambient +
Golana Feather on the Wind Spring Hill Native +
Golana Path to the Heart Spring Hill Native +
Golana Walk Between Worlds Spring Hill Native +
Golana Moon of First Snow Spring Hill Native +
Golana Lone Pine Canyon Spring Hill Native +
Gold Jeff Soul of A Mountain Jeff Gold New Age +
Gooding Cuba Begin With The Family Irie Records R&B +
Grilli Gianfranco Il Tempio Di Karnak Aurora Ambient +
Grilli Gianfranco Le Colline dei Drvidi 21st Century Music Ambient +
Grundman We Are the Forthcoming Past, Take Care of It Non Profit Music New Age +
Gunn Nicholas Through the Great Smoky Mountains, a Musical Journey Gemini Sun Rec New Age +
Halpern Steven Higher Ground Inner Peace New Age +
Halpern Steven Deja-Blues Inner Peace New Age +
Halpern Steven Chakra Suite Inner Peace New Age +
Halpern Steven Cruise Control Inner Peace New Age +
Halpern Steven & Maman Fabien The Sacred Chorde Inner Peace New Age +
Hamer Doug Acoustic Journal (solo guitar) JRT Records New Age +
Hamer Doug Rainforest Suite JRT Records New Age +
Hellbound 71 Three Weeks Ago on Sunday Richard Hou Pop/Rock +
Hipps Tom Then Went the Demons Tom Hipps Adult Cont. +
Hoppe Michael Solace Spring Hill New Age +
Ikarus Touch The Sun Earthtone New Age +
Ippolito Michele Mystic Moods Ippolito Music New Age +
Isms The Girls on the Rise Armchair Rebel Records Indie +
Jaiya Firedance Jaiya Celtic +
James Etta Heart Of A Woman Private Music Blues +
James Matt Evolution Horizon New Age +
James Peter Footnotes to Fairytales Peter James Folk +
Janssen Shannon Heart Journey Maxville New Age +
Jay Felix Cardamom & Coriander Hermetic Ambient +
Jay Felix & Alesini Nicola Other Suns Hermetic Ambient +
Jay Felix & Wallen Byron Acoustic Masks FMR Records Jazz +
Jolliffe Steve Deep Down Far Horizon Music Instrum. +
Jolliffe Steve Zanzi Horizon Music Instrum. +
Jolliffe Steve Beyond the Dream Horizon Music Instrum. +
Jolliffe Steve Escape Horizon Music Instrum. +
Jolliffe Steve Omni Horizon Music Instrum. +
Jolliffe Steve Alien Horizon Music Instrum. +
Jones Stuart & E-Motion Delicious Stuart Jones Dance +
Kater Peter & Nakai R.Carlos Improvisations In Concert Silver Wave New Age +
Kendle Kevin Spring Eventide New Age +Kendle Kevin Clouds New World New Age +
Kendle Kevin Pure Dreaming New World New Age +
Kendle Kevin Tarot / The Mind, Body & Soul Series New World New Age +Keyler Beathe Come On Home Medea Records Blues +
Khan Ustad Mohammad Sayeed Raga Malkous Nazca Music World +
Kistenmacher Bernd Un viaggio attraverso lItalia BSC Music Electronic +
Kitaro Thinking Of You Domo Records New Age +
Kitaro Ancient Domo Records New Age +Kubik Henry The Touch New World New Age +
Landon Louis Unwind (solo piano) Landon Creative New Age +
Lane Brannan Lost Caverns of Thera World Circle Ambient +
Lane Brannan Caribbean Dream World Circle New Age +
Lane Brannan Blueprint World Circle New Age +
Lane Brannan Sleep Cycle BrannanLane Ambient +
Laterzo Chris WaterKing Yampa Country +
Legend Heart Legend Heart Legend Heart Pop/Rock +
Leighton Rupert Beyond Reflection Rupert Leighton Smooth Jazz +
Lightwave Cantus Umbrarum Horizon Music Instrum. +
Liquid Mind Liquid Mind IV : Unity Chuck Wild Rec Healing +
Liquid Mind Liquid Mind V : Serenity Chuck Wild Rec Healing +
Liquid Mind Liquid Mind VI : Spirit Chuck Wild Rec Healing +
Little Wolf Wolf Moon Triloka World +
Llewellyn & Kendle Kevin Pure Peace New World New Age +
Lorenzo Mike Di Urbanized Mike Di Lorenzo Jazz +
Love Of This World Best of New Age & World Music Abh&Arp New Age +
Love Of This World 2 Best of New Age & World Music Abh&Arp New Age +
Lynch Ray The Sky Of Mind Windham Hill New Age +
Lynch Ray Deep Breakfast Windham Hill New Age +
Lynch Ray No Blue Thing Windham Hill New Age +
Lynch Ray Best Of Windham Hill New Age +
Mac Brian Tim Les terres du milieu Koonda New Age +
Mac Brian Tim Transparence Koonda New Age +
Mahendran Julie Never Do Without You Julie Mahendran Jazz +
Marcator NecroMantra BSC Music Instrum. +
Marcome Seven Seas Earthtone New Age +
Marlow Eugene A Summer Afternoon With You MEII Ent. Jazz +
MarryAnn Intolerance, The Harmony of the Ecstasy (2CD set) MarryAnn Electronic +
Matsui Kazu Bamboo Narada Instrum. +
McKone John Here It Is John McKone Ac. Guitar +
Mele Michele Feel Michele Mele Jazz, Latin +
Michaels Cody A Creation Prayer Cody Michaels New Age +
Miller-Heidke Kate Telegram K.Miller-Heidke Pop/Rock +
Mirabal Robert Indians Indians Silver Wave Native +
Miten Global Heart Native Soul Meistersinger New Age +
Monte Karen Close Your Eyes Karen Monte Adult Cont., Jazz +
Morales Ed Apple & Thorns Common Man Pop/Rock +
Morrison Sam Miles Away Sam Morrison Jazz +
Mysterium The 11th Hour JSC Music New Age +
Nautilus Solar Moon BSC Music Ambient +
Nelson Moira After the Fall WillowMyst New Age +
Noua Romanie Rebirth Of A Nation Earthtone New Age +
O Quam Tristis... Funerailles des Petits Enfants Palace of worms Gothic +
OBergh Jon Sacred Spaces Timescape New Age +
OhAnleigh Of Irish Crossing Told Green Cabin Folk +
Old Tales About Main Things Best of New Age & World Music Abh&Arp New Age +
Outgrabe City of God Fearless Angel Pop/Rock +
Overmeire Mark Van Impressions Kramusica Rec. Jazz +
Palmer Roger LifeTimes: Millennium Suite Palmer New Age +
Pandolfi Emile Believe MagicMusic Classical +
Pandolfi Emile Believe MagicMusic Classical +
Paquin Rejean Tarot Rejean Paquin Electronica +
Paquin Rejean Tarot Rejean Paquin Electronica +
Paul William Horse Dreams William Paul New Age +
Persona Hard-Work for Hang-Ups Persona Pop/Rock +
Philarmonia Bulgaria Suite for Strings (a CD single) James Forte Classical +
Phippen Peter Night Song Canyon Rec. New Age +
Phoenix A Tribute to Cannonball Adderley Phoenix Jazz +
Phylum Chordata The A Sequential Proportion of Line and Mass Intented Mostly For My Muse Room Tehck Records Dance Music, Electronica +
Pinkus Mark Quiet Place (Solo Piano) Mark Pinkus New Age +
Power of a New Aeon The Musical Impressions of the Tarot (2CD) Palace of worms Gothic +
Premal Deva Embrace Prabhu Music New Age +
Ray Somewhere In The Universe Universe Instrum. +
Rehmi tj The Warm Chill Dharma Moon Electronica +
Rin Inland Sea Domo Records World/Pop +
Robinson Andy Exotic America Brontosaurus Folk +
Rockenfield / Speer Hells Canyon Rainstorm Pr.Rock +
Ron Davis Trio The Shimmering Rhythm Davinor Rec. Jazz +
Ronin A Comets Tale Gopher New Age +
Ronin Ispiration Gopher New Age +
Rousseau Lorraine & Carlton Robert Its a Mystery Arrow Records New Age +
Rousseau Lorraine & Carlton Robert A Christmas Wish Arrow Records New Age +
Roy Badal One In The Pocket Music of the World World +
Rule Wendy Deity Wendy Rule Gothic +
Rule Wendy The Lotus Eaters Wendy Rule Gothic +
Rule Wendy Zero Wendy Rule Gothic +
Rule Wendy & The Parallel Dream World Between Worlds Wendy Rule Gothic +
Russian Spirit Best of New Age & World Music Abh&Arp New Age +
Sahin Timucin Slick Road Kalan Muzik Jazz +
Sancto Ianne Scapula FolkClub Ethnosuoni Folk +
Sanfilippo Bruno Suite Patagonia AD21 Instrum. +
Savage Bob Retrofitted Gorilla Hugs Pop/Rock +
Scab Dom F. Facta Groove Unlimit. Berlin Sch. +
Schrader Barry EAM Innova Electro-Acoustic +
Scott Tom &the l.a.express Smokin Section Windham Hill Jazz +
Searles Richard The Green Man Earth Dance New Age +
Seaton Rick Ivory Angels Christmas Carols Reinvented Rick Seaton New Age +
Self Tort N.I.C Brian Ralston Pop/Rock +
Selli Fabrizio The Magic Room Fabrizio Selli New Age +
Serafin 2am at the Torch Cafe Serafin Jazz +
Serah Late Harvest Creative Service Folk-pop +
Serrie Jonn Upon A Midnight Clear Miramar New Age +
Shadrock Moving Forward Utopia Records Reggae +
Shenandoah Joanne Peace & Power. The Best of Silver Wave Native +
Sherreece Wild Life St.Roch New Age +
Sherreece New Age Dawning St.Roch New Age +
Smith Ian Cameron Heart and Soul Rhythmist Prod. New Age +
Sonic Tribe Spirit Rising Soundings New Age +
Sophia Chakra Healing Chants Sequoia Rec. New Age +
South Coast Party Boyz Escape From New Orleans St.Roch Groove +
Space Slobs Best of New Age & World Music Abh&Arp New Age +
Space Spirit Of The Earth Best of New Age & World Music Abh&Arp New Age +
Spielberg Robin Dreaming Of Summer Play Mountain New Age +
Stadler Gary Fairy Heart Magic BSC Music New Age +
Star74 Drive Carlo Cappello Pop/Rock +
Stephen Tod Heartache Son Todd Jams Publ. Pop/Rock +
Steven McGill Project The Ujima Morning Star Eclectic +
Stone Crazy Blues Band Barnyard Boogie Stone Crazy Blues +
Sullivan Laura Pianoscapes for the Trails of North America Laura Sullivan New Age +
Sullivan Laura Mystical America Laura Sullivan New Age +
Sun Palace Into Heaven Drake Entertain. Folk Rock +
Sweens Guy The Passion for Music Rivendel Rec. New Age +
Tantralife Secret Of Touch Tantralife New Age +
Tekbilek Omar Faruk Compilation Gate Prod. World +
Thirakwa Ustad Ahmedjan Thirakwa Simla House World +
Tillman Martin A Year In Zurich Tillmanji Rec. New Age +
Townsend Phil Beautiful Black Lady San-Shue Publ. R&B/Soul +
Tyrrell Larry Floating Clouds Moonbridge World +
Urban Knights Urban Knights III Narada Jazz +
Various Artists Acoustic Earth Earthtone New Age +
Various Artists Ambient Eclipse Oasis Ambient +
Various Artists Winter Solstice On Ice (2CD) Windham Hill New Age +
Various Artists Into The Mystic Triloka World +
Various Artists Trance Planet Volume Three Triloka World +
Various Artists Worldly Music / Origins Triloka World +
Various Artists Musical Healing Sequoia New Age +
Various Artists Dance Planet Music Mosaic New Age +
Various Artists Didgeridoo Trance Dance Music Mosaic New Age +
Various Artists Hidden Treasures Vol.IV (2CD) BSC Music Trip Hop +
Vinson Teraesa Opportunity Please Knock Amplified Rec. Jazz +
Vitaly Looking at the Stars Vitaly Zolotarev Electronica +
Volkov Andrew The Pieces S.A.N. Instrum. +
Vyas Vidyadhar Colours of the Night Simla House World +
Walker Earnest, Jr. Variations On A Groove Earnest Walker Smooth Jazz +
Wallace Rob Serenity Now Wallace Music New Age +
Williams Eileina Introducing... Eileina Williams Jazz/Blues +
Willie Slick And Arkansas Frogs The Slick Willie and the Arkansas Frogs St.Roch Rock +
Wollman Terry Say Yes Sonic Images Sm.Jazz +
Wonderful Johnson The Authentic Memphis Samich Wond. Johnson Rock +
Xifaras Peter Appassionato Sambuca New Age +
Yanni Winter Light Private Music New Age +
Yashu Oasis Nazca Music New Age +
Yashu & Harida Shanti-Shanti Nazca Music New Age +
Yoshida Brothers Yoshida Brothers III Domo Records World Rock +
Youngblood Mary Beneath the Raven Moon Silver Wave Native +
Youngblood Mary Feed the Fire Silver Wave Native +
Yulara Future Tribe Higher Octave New Age +
Zachary Matthew Scribblings Matth. Zachary Piano +
Zachary Matthew ... Every Step Of The Way Matth. Zachary Piano +
Zavidow Marilyn Love Is Marilyn Zavidow Jazz, Adult Cont., +
Zhu Inner Sanctuary Gopher New Age +


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